Directorate of Inspections / Complaints

The Directorate is responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for carrying out periodical audit of all the stations and establishing an effective and efficient audit framework for the Department; the section shall be responsible for overseeing the functions of oversight, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, complaints and grievances and will work to ensure that the right of those in prison custody are respected and that staff perform their duties in strict compliance with the law. Specific duties include:

1. Full inspection of all penal institutions throughout the Republic at least once every year.

2. Overseeing and advising on matters pertaining to change of guard in all penal institutions.

3. Monitoring and evaluation of offender rehabilitation and correctional programs.

4. Overseeing the implementation of public service integrity programs in Kenya prison service to ensure that integrity assurance offices are functional, that corruption prevention committees are in place, sensitize prison staff on corruption related activities and to report suspected corruption cases to the ethics and anti- corruption commission for further investigation and necessary action.

5. Receiving, preparing and submitting integrity reports to the Commissioner General of Prisons, the Ministerial Integrity Assurance secretariat and the Ministerial Public Complaints Steering Committee as appropriate.

6. Complaints Handling

    i. Receiving and conducting investigations and resolving complaints from prisons staff, prisoners, and the general public.

    ii. Establishing complaints handling offices in all penal institutions.

    iii. Conducting capacity building for complaint handling officers

    iv. Sensitize members of staff on complaint reporting mechanisms.
7. Bench marking and standardization of the Kenya Prisons Service delivery.

8. Checking on the correct interpretation, implementation of the Prisons Act, Rules and Regulations, legal provisions, general instructions and directives issued to penal institutions.

9. All matters relating to Handing and Taking over reports in conjunction with the Administrative Secretary.

10. Submission of reports on general security of all prisons and recommendations for improvements, changes and introduction of new correctional programs.

11. General applications from both staff and inmates during inspections.

12. Commissioner General Representative to the Kenya Prisoners Aid Association.

13. Member of the Departmental Development Committee, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Uniforms Designing Committee and Departmental Training Committee.

14. Acting on anonymous complaints correspondences.

15. Any other duties assigned by Commissioner General of Prisons from time to time.