Public Relations Office and Training

The public Relations is a very critical tool for creating and advancing the organizations’ image. The prisons public relations office was instrumental from the onset in communicating and to the public on the principles of the Open Door Policy. It is this policy that laid down the ground work for the prisons reform program which is anchored on collaborative approaches and building partnerships with the state and non state actors as well as the community in Justice dispensation and particularly in improving prisons conditions as well as ensuring that the principles of the rule of law; respect for human rights, good governance and democratic practices are upheld in prison management. In addition to building the image of the department, the office is also responsible for carrying out training programmes for prison officers.

Other duties include the following:

• Organizing and carrying out, in consultation with the head of Human Resource Manager training programs for prison officers;

• Organizing press conferences, receptions, visits and exhibitions as well as preparing press releases and arranging for both print and electronic media interviews for the management;

• Producing for publication and editing Departmental literature including magazines, newspapers and journals on corrections;

• Building and maintaining a positive image of the Department by conducting research and opinion surveys on the image of the Department;

• Organizing advertisements and promotions which give wide coverage of the Departmental activities and engagements; and

• Building and maintaining good relations with the media.