Directorate of Prisons Enterprises

The Directorate is responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the effective and efficient management of technical services and training of inmates in various vocational programmes within the prisons. The Directorate is critical in providing life support skills and knowledge to enable prisoners to reintegrate easily in the community upon release. The section comprises of farms, building, marketing and industry. Specific duties include:

1. Organization and overall superintendence of the prisons enterprises throughout the republic.

2. Accounting of both expenditure and revolving funds revenue collection and enforcement of targets set by the Commissioner General.

3. Vocational and general training of inmates on the various occupational trades selected for their rehabilitation,

4. Recommendations for appointment, promotion, training, transfers or leave of all members’ of the staff attached to the section.

5. Regular monitoring and evaluation of performance for all Prison industries and Farms.

6. Trade test arrangements for inmates in liaison with the Directorate of Rehabilitation and Welfare and Ministry of Labour.

7. Procurement and maintenance of farms and industrial plants, machinery, s tores, tools and control of payment documents in liaison with the Administrative Secretary/Commissioner General of Prisons.

8. Marketing of products manufactured by the prison farms and Industries, sales promotion, follow-ups of orders placed and establishment of good relationship with customers. 9. Administering the processing and use of stones and ballast quarries.

10. Introduction and development of new industrial under takings, new designs and promotion of high quality workmanship in all spheres of the department ventures.

11. 11. Control and signing of all L.P.O’s requisitions and certifying of payment vouchers related to purchases made by the section.

12. General arrangement for participation in all Agricultural Shows and Exhibitions.

13. Member of Departmental Tender Evaluation and Ministerial Tender Board committee.

14. Member of the Departmental Planning/ Development committee.

15. Industrial and Farm technical staff establishment proposals in conjunction with the Commissioner o f Prisons.

16. Submission of annual confidential reports on members of the staff working under the directorate at Prison H eadquarters and Regional Commands.

17. Accounting and control of raw materials.

18. Control of furniture vans and transportation of finished raw materials and items.

19. Enforcement of security precautions in accordance with the factories Act.

20. Member of Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Departmental Training Committee, Departmental Designing Committee, Departmental Budget Implementation Committee (BIC) and Departmental Selection [Promotion] Board.

21. Commissioner's representative to the Nairobi International trade fair Executive Committee,

22. Any other duties as the Commissioner General of prisons may assign from time to time.