Directorate Gender and NGO Coordination [HEAD OF WOMEN`S SECTION]

The director for Gender, NGOs and sports will be responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons on matters attributed to men, women, boys and girls in the department as follows;

1. Investigating and reporting on human rights complaints that are gender specific. 2. Investigating specific human right concerns for women.

3. Making recommendations to the Commissioner G e n e r a l of Prisons on women's rights issues.

4. Ensuring that gender dimension is taken into account in all relevant Departmental policies and actions at all levels.

5. Advising the commissioner General on promotion of equity in opportunities betw een women and men thus contributing to an environment conducive to democratic practice and transformation.

6. Advising on policy matters and programs for the advancement of women by conducting policy studies and advocacy for issuance of legislative measures.

7. Ensuring the Department lives up to its obligations by promoting the implementation o f CEDAW, a UN convention on the elimination of discrimination against women and all UN Conventions against gender.

8. Responsible for formulation of Gender policies

9. Responsible for organization, formulation and implementation of Gender Programs.

10. Playing an advisory role on the general administration of women prisons as well as dealing with matters peculiar to women members of staff, women prisoners and children accompanying their mothers.

11. Member of D e p a r t m e n t a l recruitment/promotion board whenever directed by Commissioner.

12. Member of the Departmental Disciplinary Board

13. Member of Departmental Transfer Board.

14. Member of the Prisons uniform designing committee.

15. Member of the Prisons ASK show Committee.

16. Responsible for implementation of regulations, legal provisions and instructions within women institutions.

17. Member of the Departmental Training Committee.

18. Promotion of recreational activities including mess functions, member of the Mess committee and Prisons Headquarters Canteen Committee and Kamiti Prison hostel.

19. Representing the Department in the joint prayer and thanks giving service for disciplined uniformed officers.

20. Coordinating and promoting sporting activities

21. Coordinating NGOs and other stakeholders activities

22. Mainstreaming of disability programs in the department

23. Any other duties that may be assigned by the Commissioner General of Prisons from time to time.