The Directorate is responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the management of uniformed staff on personnel issues. Working in continuous consultation with the Human Resource Management, the office performs the following duties;

1. Processing of appeals, applications and complaints by members of staff with problems both at Headquarters and from the field when necessary.

2. Alternative chairman of the Departmental Disciplinary Board.

3. Chairman/ member of the Departmental Promotion Board whenever appointed to preside over a particular session by the Commissioner General of Prisons.

4. Training of both senior and junior officers in liaison with the Commandant Prisons Staff Training College.

5. Inspection of Penal Institutions as directed by the Commissioner General.

6. Departmental representative to the Departmental Human Resource Management Advisory Committee.

7. Processing of postings in respect of uniformed staff in consultation with the Commissioner General.

8. Implementation of decisions on staff in respect of promotions, retirements, removals, dismissals and all disciplinary matters affecting uniformed staff in close liaison with the Commissioner General of Prisons, Director Human Resource Management and the Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government whenever necessary.

9. Compilation of annual confidential reports of the rank of Chief Inspector and below.

10. Edition of the weekly service orders.

11. A member of the Prisons Officers Representative Association and Council.

12. Arrangement and processing of nominations for both local and overseas courses for uniformed officers in consultation with the Commissioner General of Prisons.

13. Attending to welfare needs and health issues affecting staff.

14. Implementation of the Public Service Commission decisions and directives in accordance with Public Service Regulation (CAP 185) 1985, in close consultation with the Commissioner General.

15. Attending to appeals against disciplinary convictions and punishment for uniformed staff.

16. Processing of leave applications by Prisons Headquarters staff of the rank of Chief Inspector and below.

17. Processing of applications for employment to the Public Service Commission and the Department in liaison with the Director Human Resource.

18. Clearance, follow up and the leave of absence for officers travelling outside Kenya.

19. Monitoring of weekly duty roster for the junior and senior officer’s at Prisons Headquarters.

20. Carrying out skills inventory and guiding on their deployment in consultation with Human Resource Management.

21. Member of the Uniforms Designing Committee.

22. Processing of nominations of staff for the purpose of secondment and deployment to UN peace Keeping Mission in consultation with the DCGP.

23. Any other duties as assigned by the Commissioner General of Prisons from time to time.